Statistics NZ turns to Salesforce for data collection

ANZ software and services company, Fronde, has revealed that it has been working with Statistics New Zealand for the past 18 months to implement a system based on for the collection a wide range of statistical data.

Fronde says it has been working on the system, dubbed the Enterprise Collection Platform (ECP) since February 2015 and it is already being used to manage most business surveys. It was also used in March to run a test for the 2018 Census.

The system will eventually replace a number of legacy systems, manage all surveys across agriculture, the social sector, business and the next census on 6 March 2018.

According to Fronde, the new system is part of an overall strategy to streamline and centralise data collection into one platform, reduce manual processes, accommodate a mobile workforce and maintain security.

Sarah Minson, senior manager operations strategy and development, Statistics New Zealand, said: “We were looking to implement a consolidated system to make it faster, easier and more cost effective to collect data. We will be able to deliver a more efficient process, and create a better experience for survey participants and Statistics NZ staff. Keeping people’s data safe was another high priority.”

She added: “The development and transition process from multiple legacy systems was made a lot smoother by having both the Fronde and Statistics NZ’s technical and business team experts on site throughout the process.”

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