IITP updates NZ Cloud Computing Code of Practice

The Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) has released version 2 of the New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice (CloudCode).

The CloudCode outlines what cloud providers should disclose to customers so that they are not ‘cloud-washing’ and making false claims about their products and services meeting the accepted definition of cloud computing.

The updated version of CloudCode includes a “quality mark” for cloud providers that intend to follow the code of practice. A 'Register of CloudCode Signatories' will go live next month.

IITP chief executive Paul Matthews said in a statement that the new version of the code is ready for international adoption. The Australian federal government and the Australian Computer Society are consulting with IITP on adopting the CloudCode.

The ACS earlier this month released a draft discussion paper on increasing business confidence in the use of cloud services. It followed the Australian government releasing a national strategy to boost cloud adoption in the country.

“The release of Version 2 of the CloudCode is a significant milestone and puts New Zealand’s cloud industry at the forefront globally while paving the way for international adoption,” Matthews said.

Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff welcomed the new version of the CloudCode, saying that it will help consumers better understand and asses the risks when taking up cloud services.


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