NIWA supercomputer back online

NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) confirmed today that the organisation's supercomputer, on which attempts were made by unauthorised parties late last week to gain access, was put back online on Saturday evening and all services resumed.

According to NIWA, while the attempt to access the supercomputer was unsuccessful, it was taken offline as a precaution and the company undertook a series of tests with IBM's assistance.

NIWA assured that no sensitive personal or client information was stored in the supercomputer, while stating that the National Cyber Security Centre was kept fully informed of progress.

The supercomputer, known as FitzRoy, is an an IBM Power 575 supercomputer that is used to run scientific models and services. Housed in Greta Point in Wellington within NIWA's high performance computing facility it is one of the more powerful supercomputers in the southern hemisphere.


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