NZ gets electric vehicle charging database

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has launched EVRoam, claimed to be the world’s first live database of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It has been funded under the agency’s $3.4 million electric vehicle programme from the National Land Transport Fund.

EVRoam collects, and makes available via APIs to website and mobile app developers and others, information from all safe and monitored public charge points around New Zealand.

It is billed as a world-first collaboration with the energy industry designed to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to zero carbon transport. (However as long as electricity is generated from fossil fuel power stations transport will not be zero carbon).

The information is presently available via the EVRoam website and journey planner, the NZ Automobile Association and on TomTom.

“In the near future, it will be available via Google Maps and, via Google Maps, through in-vehicle satnavs,” NZTA says.

NZTA says it has worked with the energy industry to developguidelines for public charging infrastructure, and EVRoam will promote adoption of these standards by freely distributing the information from smart charging infrastructure that meets these guidelines.

NZTA’s director safety and environment, Harry Wilson, said: “Charging infrastructure is no longer isolated in single purpose apps, but is now widely available for third parties to use as a ‘single source of truth’ for New Zealand public charging infrastructure. This has been made possible by a collaborative effort across energy and automotive partners,”

He added: “From a Transport Agency perspective, understanding where we have charging infrastructure helps us identify potential gaps, so we can continue to work together to ensure the transport system, and technology, responds to the needs of EV customers all over the country.”

NZTA says no other country has a single source of truth for public charging infrastructure that is stewarded by the government but that has been developed through the goodwill of energy suppliers and charging operators.”

It adds: “As far as we are aware, Norway is the only other country which provides a single source of truth of public charging infrastructure, but this is regulated by the government and many of Norway’s public charging infrastructure is owned by the government rather than private entities.”

EVRoam collects information from dozens of charge point operators including Vector Energy, Contact, Counties Power, Alpine Energy, Central Lines, Network Tasman, Orion, Unison, Horizon, and ChargeNet – whose network partners include Aurora, Top Energy, Electra, Waipa Networks, Wellington Electricity, Electronet, Mainpower, Westpower, NorthPower, Foodstuffs, PowerCo, Auckland Transport, The Lines Company and Z Energy.

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