Commvault debuts next generation storage products in New Zealand

Data backup, recovery and management company Commvault has introduced its latest software and hardware offerings into New Zealand, a month after their global launch in the US.

At an event in Auckland the company demonstrated the Commvault HyperScale appliance and Commvault HyperScale software, describing them as providing solutions to companies stuck with the problems created by complex and costly legacy IT infrastructure, and empowering them with “scale-out capabilities for simple, flexible, and resilient management of secondary data.”

Commvault estimates that approximately 70 percent of customer data is consumed as a secondary copy, and says its HyperScale products are able to meet the increasing demands of the secondary storage market by delivering customers “a unified, modern data protection and management platform that delivers cloud-like services on-premises.”

According to CommVault, the demands of secondary storage and the need to find new value from secondary copy data are driving customers to find alternatives to how to store and manage ever increasing data workloads and move away from traditional ‘scale up’ purpose built appliances.

Its HyperScale products “address the ongoing shift enterprises are making towards secondary storage as a means to drive key business and IT transformation initiatives.”

Also, CommVault said, its new HyperScale offerings “support the move of many organisations to hybrid IT environments, by allowing them to protect and securely move workloads across any type of infrastructure including public cloud, private cloud and on-premise.”

Commvault Asia Pacific vice president Dan Kieran said legacy technologies were inadequate for the agility and efficiency that businesses need and Commvault's HyperScale technology would help them “transform their infrastructures, enabling greater operational efficiency, resiliency, and scalability.”

The HyperScale appliance is billed as “an ideal solution to protect and manage data across multiple remote offices, branch offices and data centres. It is available with data capacities ranging from 32 to 80 terabytes and “the ability to scale out in any number of configurations to meet customer requirements well into the multi-petabytes range.”

The HyperScale software is available to run on hardware from a number of CommVault partners, including Fujitsu, Cisco, Lenovo, HPE, Super Micro Computer, Huawei and Dell-EMC.

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