IT job seekers can expect multiple offers, survey claims

A shortage of IT talent will result in salary increases this year, according to the latest Global Salary Survey from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters.

The survey, which is in its 14th year, covers 24 countries and disciplines in which the consultancy specialises.

It found that business analysts with six or more years experience can anticipate increases of up to nine percent; those with four to six years experience up to six percent; and business analysts with one to three years experience up to seven percent.

"Business analysts are expected to be sought after as organisations focus on strategies to improve efficiencies," says Tom Derbyshire, Robert Walters manager of IT recruitment. "An anticipated shortage of this skill set is expected to result in salary increases for these professionals."

He says that as organisations continue to focus on business growth in 2013, there will be strong demand for IT professionals, as large programmes of work are being signed off.

The survey found that due to the high demand, IT professionals can expected multiple job offers, allowing them to negotiate top salaries and benefits.

Strong demand for IT talent is expected in the first half of the year, due to a slight pause in capital spending in Q3 and Q4 of 2012, and key projects that will need to be delivered before the end of the financial year.

In its market overview of Wellington, Robert Walters says the recruitment market continued to be affected by market-wide transformation and large organisational change in 2012.

The recruiter noted the formation of merged super ministries, and that two major banks had also completed large-scale integration of their core systems and infrastructure (ANZ and National).

"These changes resulted in a large number of IT professionals leaving their roles after a long tenure and struggling to find new positions because their skills had not moved with the market."

Robert Walters says that, in contrast, there was increased demand for contract business analysts, project and programme managers, and intermediate and senior developers within both the .NET and Java space.

"Experienced solutions and enterprise architects were also highly sought after as a number of organisations tried to ensure their technology solutions were in line with their business objectives."

The consultancy notes that, despite the demand for IT professionals across the market, organisations tended to be very specific when recruiting, preferring to wait for a good technical and cultural fit before hiring.

"This meant that recruitment processes were often lengthy, sometimes taking up to four to six weeks."

In general, salaries in 2012 were on a par with the rates paid in 2011. But Robert Walters is predicting strong demand in the first half of 2013.

Permanent salaries for CIOs will rise from $145,000-225,000 in 2012 to $150,000-250,000 in 2013, the consultancy predicts. Contract rates will rise from $140,000-200,000 to $150,000 to $200,000.

Next best paid in 2012 were enterprise architects, who would attract permanent rates on $140,000 to $210,000 in 2013, and $110,000 to $150,000 at contract rates.

Experienced .NET and Java developers will earn up to $80,000 on permanent salary, and a similar rate on contract.

Bottom of the pile were service desk/ desktop support/ applications support people with one to three years experience, who would earn up to $55,000 in permanent jobs, and up to $45,000 on contract.

The Auckland market overview says jobs were tight throughout 2012 as organisations continued to focus on business growth. There was a consistent demand for permanent IT professionals in the first half of the year but organisations had to focus on hiring contract staff in the second half, due to a severe lack of available candidates.

Business analysts with business process re-engineering experience were in extremely high demand, as were professionals with Microsoft technologies experience.

Toward the end of the year, there was increasing demand for business intelligence data analysts.

Robert Walter expects the shortage of available job seekers for permanent roles in 2013 will continue and, as a result, salaries are likely to increase.

"We expect the contract market to increase significantly in 2013 with a strong pipeline of requirements going into the year."

CIOs and CTOs top the list of likely permanent salaries at $150,000, with those on contract earning up to $190,000, the same as in 2012.

Next best paid are likely to be programme managers, at $130,000 (up to $150,000 on contract), followed by development managers (up to $130,000 in a permanent role) and experienced project managers (up to $120,000 in a permanent role).

Experienced .NET and Java developers will earn up to $110,000 in a permanent role (up to $100,000 on contract). As in Wellington, the lowest paid jobs will be for support people (up to $55,000 in a permanent role and up to $35,000 on contract).

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