Progress NativeChat lets you build your own chatbot

Progress, a NASDAQ listed company that offers application development tools, is bringing to New Zealand the first fruits of its Progress Labs incubator: NativeChat, billed as an artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots.

Progress says NativeChat enables people to build and deploy AI-driven chatbots in as little as two weeks. “Unlike other chatbots, it can be trained much like a person, using a set of goals, examples and data from existing backend systems,” Progress says, adding “[NativeChat] offers 15x faster development, native support for 72 languages, and ability to integrate with web, mobile and social channels for a seamless digital customer experience.”

Progress says NativeChat is based on its patent pending CognitiveFlow technology and can be trained with goals, examples and data from existing backend systems, similar to the process for training new customer service agents.

“With NativeChat, organisations can now easily give their customers the ability to converse and transact in a natural way, on the channel of their choice, without the need for human interaction,” it says.

NativeChat was named “Innovative Product of the Year” by Computerworld Bulgaria for its application at Dr Shterev Hospital where,. Progress says, it now handles 49 percent of all hospital appointments.

“The facility’s contact centre serves between 300 and 500 customer calls daily, along with numerous emails and questions on social media,” Progress says. “About 50-60 percent of the calls are related to booking appointments or checking schedules. This volume results in 150-250 daily phone calls that are taking a significant amount of the contact centre’s capacity with repetitive tasks that could benefit from chatbot automation.

“With hellip; NativeChat ... Dr Shterev Hospital achieved its goal of reducing the workload of contact center staff by its target of 49 percent by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up operator time for issues that require deeper patient engagement.”

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