Your chance to effect change to .NZ

InternetNZ is looking for a diverse range of “smart and engaged” people to help it review the policies related to the .nz domain space.

They will form an advisory panel to explore a range of issues including: how to best minimise phishing, trolling and abuse; how to best manage incidents of hate speech and violence in the .nz domain name space; how to ensure tikanga values of openness, compassion, respect, and integrity are incorporated into .nz.

An advert soliciting applications has been posted on Seek and follows the appointment of the CEO of Consumer NZ, Sue Chetwin, as chair of the Panel. She is also a director of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, a member of the Online Media Standards Authority and has been a member of the Electricity Authority's Retail Advisory Group.

The ad says InternetNZ seeks “a diverse panel of 8-10 people” and “a balance between panel members who have an understanding and experience of the Internet and .nz but also those who can bring new and fresh perspectives.”

InternetNZ says it is “looking for a panel who can work with key stakeholders in the .nz Internet community (registrars, resellers, registrants and consumers), the business community, government, community and tikanga M?ori leaders through: strong communication and engagement skills; critical analysis and big-picture, strategic thinking; innovative and dynamic solutions-oriented thinking.”

It expects the panel to start work in May or June and to run for up to 12 months. The recommendations of the panel will contribute to the redevelopment of the .nz policies for 2020 and beyond.

The terms of reference for the panel state that the last comprehensive review took place in 2004.

InternetNZ’s current policy for the .NZ domain space was put in place in December 2018 following an organisational review and restructure under which InternetNZ absorbed NZRS, the registry and operator for .nz domain names.

InternetNZ group was structured around two legal entities – Internet New Zealand Inc, and Domain Name Commission Ltd. Responsibility for .nz policy development was assigned to InternetNZ leaving the Domain Name Commission responsible for regulation and dispute resolution and for the provision of input to changes to .nz policy.

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