Megaport announces alliance with AMS-IX

Megaport has announced an agreement with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange to offer expanded interconnection options for the two organisations’ customers.

Megaport’s US subsidiary entered into the agreement with AMS-IX.

“AMS-IX has a long history of building critical mass of peering partners on their Internet Exchanges,” Megaport CEO Denver Maddux said in a statement.

“They operate one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. Connecting the AMS-IX and Megaport fabrics creates greater opportunities for Internet peers to reach desired content, cloud services and end-user networks.”

“Building on Megaport's drive to deliver elastic connectivity globally, AMS-IX is excited to partner and expand our independent and distributed peering model as well as boosting the AMS-IX brand globally,” AMS-IX CEO Job Witteman said.

In an ASX statement Megaport said that it and AMS-IX will begin offering services to each other’s customers in Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Hong Kong.

Megaport in July last year announced its $10 million expansion to US, after launching services in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Megaport was admitted to the ASX in December under the stock symbol MP1.


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