NBN speeds: Dodo and iPrimus may compensate customers

Vocus says it has been reviewing its NBN services since the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued guidance on retail service providers’ marketing of broadband speeds on the National Broadband Network.

“This review has included determining the best approach that ensures customers are provided with clear information about the maximum attainable speeds that they can expect to receive, and the expected performance of their service during peak periods,” a spokesperson for Vocus told Computerwoworld.

The comments from Vocus follow news that Telstra would compensate some 42,000 customers who purchased high-speed fibre to the node (FTTN) and fibre to the building (FTTB) NBN services but whose connections were unable to achieve those speeds.

In addition to factors that can affect most fixed-line NBN services, such as the capacity purchased by a retail service provider from NBN and in-home equipment, the maximum speed of FTTN and FTTB connections can be affected by the quality and length of the copper wiring used to connect an end user.

The ACCC revealed yesterday that of the 26,497 Telstra customers who ordered 100/40Mbps FTTN services between 1 September 2015 and 30 June 2017, 56 per cent had maximum attainable speeds below 100/40Mbps mdash; and 20 per cent were unable even to achieve 50/20Mbps speeds (the second-fastest NBN speed tier for FTTN).

Optus, too, will compensate some NBN customers.

In Australia, Vocus operates two consumer brands that offer NBN services: Dodo and iPrimus.

“Once we complete our review we will provide the necessary information to consumers, and will offer appropriate remedies for customers who are not capable of achieving the maximum attainable speed of their plan,” the Vocus spokesperson said.

The latest NBN wholesale market released by the ACCC revealed that as of 30 September, Vocus or resellers that purchased services from the company accounted for 5887 FTTB and 125,634 FTTN connections.

The majority of those end users were on the cheapest NBN plan, which offers maximum speeds of only 12/1Mbps.


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