NICTA-developed secure microkernel hits new milestone

The open source, Australian-developed secure microkernel seL4 has hit version 2.0.0, the project has announced.

The project’s custodian is the Trustworthy Systems Team at Data61 (the organisation born out of the fusion of NICTA and the CSIRO’s digital productivity team).

The microkernel is owned by General Dynamics C4 Systems.

seL4 was the first general-purpose operating system kernel formally proved correct against its specification.

Potential uses for the microkernel include protecting drones, medical equipment, and industrial systems.

seL4 2.0.0 marks the transition to more frequent and regular public releases as well as a shift to semantic versioning, said a message on the microkernel’s announcement list.

“The new release cleans up a large backlog of improvements we have been

working on for the last 18 months,” the announcement stated.

Version 2.0.0 includes API and performance improvements, Anna Lyons wrote in an email to the seL4 developer mailing list.

The microkernel was open sourced last year and its source code is available on GitHub.


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