Barangaroo IoT gateway launches

A new network based on the LoRaWAN lower power standard for Internet of Things (IoT) applications has been switched on in Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct.

The ‘Barangaroo Community’ gateway is backed by KPMG, IoT integrator Meshed, International Towers Barangaroo and IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA).

The new ‘Barangaroo Community’ gateway operates in the 915MHz spectrum and has a range of three to five kilometres.

Up to 1000 devices will be able to connect to the network, which is free to use. The network is intended to aid the development and prototyping of IoT applications.

In July, Meshed and University of Technology Sydney announced the launch of an IoT gateway based at the university's Ultimo campus.

IoTAA formally launched in July, bringing together businesses, researchers and government agencies with the aim of helping Australia realise the benefits of the IoT. The organisation grew out of the Communications Alliance IoT Think Tank.

A 2015 report released by the think tank — Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia — said that the IoT stood to have a potential economic impact in Australia of $116 billion by 2025, but that without a focus on IoT technology in industry and among government the country risked losing the opportunity for competitive advantage and market leadership.

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