ANZ rolls out monitoring and analysis tool

ANZ Bank is close to completing a national rollout of a systems management tool to monitor the performance of its Windows 2000 platform; a move which has enhanced IT productivity and reporting standards at the bank.

"ANZ began implementing NetIQ's AppManager software in July last year as a standard tool to monitor all of its Windows 2000 systems, including Active Directory, SQL Server and IS," said ANZ manager of systems management Nick Latham.

The rollout covers 1300 ANZ branch and data centre servers, due for completion at the end of January.

Over the next 12 months the bank will replace its Windows NT, NetWare and OS/2 with Windows 2000 as its standard operating system.

AppManager is a real time diagnostic monitoring, reporting and analysis tool used to pinpoint and fix system problems to avoid unplanned down time.

ANZ uses AppManager to monitor service level agreements for all of its Windows-based systems, which Latham says has enhanced the SLA reporting process. "Now we can show in real time the health of the Windows environment. Rather than going through a spreadsheet of figures with management, we can show them graphs on critical things like storage capacity."

"ANZ also uses AppManager's reporting functions to collect data on other system performance metrics like memory, processor utilisation, and hardware component temperature thresholds," Latham said. "It will also monitor and fine-tune some of the bank's core commercial and in-house applications used in CRM, HR and finance."

The bank is already seeing some return from the software system. According to Latham it has helped ANZ's IT staff change their internal and external customer support model from a reactive to proactive one. "While we're still in transition phase, we've refocused our skill sets to get back to core business. Now we're the ones contacting users to give them support, not the other way around," he said.

The bank chose NetIQ's offering over other system performance management tools because it was a "seamless, out of the box solution with good complex functionality, fit with the ANZ business, and didn't require any development work", said Latham.

ANZ would not disclose the value of the solution.


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