Security developer wins 2009 Governor of Victoria Export Award

A Melbourne security solutions provider, Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), has scooped the 2009 Governor of Victoria Export Awards in the small to medium manufacturer category.

The award acknowledges the company’s research and development of protection technology and its role in the global advancement of intrusion detection.

FFT specialises in the development of fibre optic intrusion detection and location systems to protect major infrastructures over 200 locations around the world.

“We are delighted to have been acknowledged as a world player in the global market place and are proud to be developing technology that helps protect important assets,” said Future Fibre Technologies’ chief executive officer, Robert Broomfield.

The company’s technology can detect third party interference and illegal tapping activity on buried oil pipelines, over thousands of kilometres, locating the threat to within 150 metres.

In addition, FFT also provides services in larger perimeter applications, pipeline monitoring and communications/data network security for military bases, airports and liquefied natural gas plants.

By sending a signal along an optical fibre cable planted on a fence or pipeline, the technology is able to determine the nature of the intrusion through an advanced algorithm.

“The combination of infield reliability and no need for power or electronics in the field delivers significant savings in infrastructure costs, while processing can clearly discriminate between actual intruder attempts and naturally occurring incidents such as rain or wildlife interference,” Broomfield said.

Over the past three years, FFT has given attention to international growth, with plans to open another office this year in Europe to expand its company into the European Union.

“All our market research shows there is a high demand in overseas markets so we’ve decided to attack those markets to exploit the opportunities,” said Future Fibre Technologies’ Asia Pacific Manager, Paul Rowan.

“While the export market has been the focus of the company from day one, more than 90 per cent of our revenue now comes from export, and although we are growing sales within Australia, the export market will remain the dominant source of the company sales,” adds Broomfield.

To achieve export growth, the company took part in the Victorian Government export seminars for developing strategies for international markets, and plans to take advantage of other government initiatives such as trade delegations and diplomatic connections.


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