NSW Gov shakes up ERP support

The NSW Government has announced it has expanded its Government Selected Application Software (GSAS) panel contract project to incorporate a life cycle management approach to the acquisition, implementation and maintenance of ERP systems.

The expansion is aimed at setting up two new paths to the acquisition of service provider partner support for existing Mincom, SAP and Oracle ERP environments.

The first, sees the engagement of individual contractors for short term assignments, and the second, project engagement via preferred suppliers for significant packages of work where the supplier carriers greater responsibility for more complex tasks.

Currently the NSW Government spends about $20 million per year on its ERP systems.

GSAS, along with the NSW Government’s Back Office Application Consolidation (BOAC) program are aimed at improving IT service delivery and reducing costs through of consolidation, standardisation and application life cycle management.

Along with a focus on improving the Government’s return on investment across its install base of software, the ‘guiding principles’ of the GSAS and BOAC projects include a major thrust toward centralisation.

This would see the NSW Government become the central custodian of all GSAS application licences, set up a central program office to coordinate all activities relating to corporate applications, and develop a standard, NSW Goverment configuration for core functionality to reduce implementation, upgrade, support and maintenance costs.

The projects would also see a significant shared services program that included a reduced number of processing centres – the formation of clusters for NSW Government agencies/departments.

A ‘lead agency’ model within sectors to manage and maintain corporate applications would also be used and a consolidation of software applications carried out.

Earlier in December the NSW Government put a call out to the ICT industry for more options for alternative delivery and acquisition models for the provision of software solutions.

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