Monash names billing system supplier

Melbourne-based Monash University has awarded a $250,000 contract for its new-generation network billing system, which is expected to save $250,000 annually.

The contract went to Sirius Telecommunications subsidiary Phoneware Communications.

Neil Harrington, project manager at Monash, said work has begun on the implementation and it will be rolled out during the first quarter of 2003.

Phoneware officials said the billing system lets organisations accurately measure both normal phone calls and other data transmissions such as e-mail and Internet usage, thereby giving organisations the ability to allocate costs to different cost centres or individuals.

The agreement complements an existing telecommunications contract between Phoneware and Monash, which uses Phoneware's uBill IT system. Monash engaged Phoneware to develop a customised uBill Data system and Internet Quota Management component as part of a total solution.

Roger Mason, Sirius Telecommunications managing director, said: "The improved system will allow Monash to accurately measure and control the Internet usage of thousands of students and other users who connect through the Monash network."

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