Give databases a rubdown

Database erasure is claiming mind space in government agencies as a result of the recently introduced Privacy Act.

Peter Lee, ComSec Enterprises general manager, said since the Privacy Amendment Bill was introduced in December, interest in the disposal of data has grown dramatically within government.

In recent months ComSec has secured contracts with local, State And Federal Government agencies including the South Australian Department of Justice Correctional Services, Queensland Criminal Justice Commission and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Lee said the company had also secured another seven contracts varying in value from $20,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars from mostly state-level agencies and one federal agency.

He said many organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about how they retire surplus computers, and more particularly, how they dispose of the data on those computers.

"Formatting [the hard drive] does not delete all information as data can still be recovered. And if the computers are disposed of but the information can still be recovered, then this puts the company in a situation [with regards to Privacy Legislation requirements]."

Lee said his company's solution, the Blancco Data Cleaner, was competitive against such utility products as Nortons.

"It all comes down to cost of ownership ? [our] solution deletes at 1Gb a minute ? [while] product X may come free with a data suite, but it doesn't erase as fast, so the company has to pay someone to sit at the computer while it erases."

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