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Is it time to be a contractor again?

“As an IT Recruiter in Canberra, there won't be a better time for those who were forced to take permanent roles to go back to contracting.”

“Kidding me right? Companies haven't even finished cutting contractors yet!!]

R18+ gaming classification

“Australia mostly does kids and mobile games... there are a few upcoming development studios that will suffer.”

Is an iPhone case necessary?

“Mate, they don't make em like they used to. Get a case or you'll regret it when that finicky thing shatters like glass. I speak from experience.”

“I am a printer, want a career change and don't want to spend wasted time on courses that will get me nowhere.”

“I'm in a similar boat. I'm at helpdesk at an ISP, with a good understanding of probably basic - by comparision - networking tech. I'd love to get into software engineering. Any pointers from those experienced?”

Victorian smart meter roll-out put on hold

“Bunnings sell a cheap fix for smart meters - it's called a hammer and is very effective.”

Great firewall of News Limited saves $5.5M a year

“Utter nonsense, just because you block unproductive sites doesn't mean productivity increases. If someone wants to slack off at work he/she will do it in other ways. Facebook is one of the most unproductive sites around and it isn't blocked. Another example 'silo' thinking by IT.”

AAPT axes 31 call centre staff in continued offshoring moves

“It's not about customers, it's about profit.”

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