Twitter 'over capacity'

Despite upgrades to its capacity and servers, Twitter has been unavailable to its users for much of today.

The service has been only intermittently available to users within Australia with one local user claiming to have lost over 1200 tweets, and to have had multiple postings of the same tweet on their profile.

The outage follows a number of access issues to the site over the past week which prompted the company to issue a blog post explaining the issue and informing users that it had taken measures to address it.

“We're working hard to address the core issues causing these problems… but in the interests of the open exchange of information, wanted to pull back the curtain and give you deeper insight into what happened and how we're working to address this week's poor site performance,” the company said in a blog post on Friday.

The company attributed the technical problems such as improper monitoring of the internal network and a temporary “misconfiguration” of its internal network.

As reported by Computerworld Australia, the company alluded in a blog post that it was predicting a large influx of tweets throughout the World Cup and that this may affect the site.

Twitter has been contacted for addition comment on the issue.

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