AIIA issues federal election wish list

The Australian Internet Industry Association (AIIA) today released a 'wish list' for the forthcoming federal election outlining its policy priorities and lobbying campaigns.

AIIA has identified four themes including sustainable environment, industry sector growth, workforce issues and shaping the business environment.

The association's CEO, Sheryle Moon, has called on the federal government to reduce the cost of tendering for the ICT industry to less than nine percent of total contract value by 2010 by implementing a best practice framework.

Moon has also called for accelerated investment in the development of business skills for Australia's ICT entrepreneurs.

Moreover, she said the government should support the development of a national framework for industry collaboration, encouraging ICT companies to form alliances as a means of increasing international competitive advantage for the purpose of growing their businesses.

This is in addition to AIIA calls for tax incentives to companies addressing environmental issues and developing ICT solutions with a net green benefit.

To address continuing skills shortages, the AIIA wants the government to play a signficant role in the development and implementation of a national ICT careers attraction campaign, leveraging the Victorian government's successful 'ICT: Start Here, Go Anywhere' initiative.

Incredibly, broadband did not rate a mention although it has dominated recent political debate.

Other industry groups such as the Australian Computer Society (ACS) are keen to see greater investment in the development of a high speed broadband network.

Only recently the ACS released its 10 year vision for the Australian ICT industry.

"We want ICT to be an important factor when political parties are formulating their election policies and we are determined to work hard over the next six months to facilitate this," Moon said.

"ICT is a crucial factor in determining the success of Australia's economic performance and the future well-being of our nation. ICT accounts for 4.6 percent of GDP and makes a greater contribution to GDP than the agriculture, defence and education sectors, so it's vital that our nation's decision-makers develop policies and programs which support our essential industry."

AIIA's full Federal Election 2007: ICT Industry Policy Action Plan is available online at

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