Xively: LogMeIn's new IoT cloud play

LogMeIn last week unveiled Xively, a platform-as-a-service offering designed to speed development of Internet-connected devices – the so-called 'Internet of Things'. The public Xively cloud is based on Cosm, the IoT platform produced by Pachube, which LogMeIn purchased in July 2011.

The new PaaS offers real-time messaging and an open API for developers to build applications that work with Internet-enabled objects.

In an interview before LogMeIn revealed the details of the new platform, the company's CEO Michael Simon, said that he viewed the IoT as "an enormous opportunity".

"About a year before we acquired Cosm, we were very interested in the space because it felt like a natural extension [for LogMeIn] if you're doing connectivity to computers and connectivity to people," Simon said

"Some people are saying there might be over a trillion devices known to the Internet of Things," Simon said.

LogMeIn eyes opportunities in the Internet of Things
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Cosm was "sort of, if you will, a pilot" for the new platform, the LogMeIn CEO said.

LogMeIn has partnered with ARM, whose technology forms the basis for CPUs and SoCs in many popular smartphones, including the iPhone, to produce the first developer kit for the new platform. The Xively Jumpstart Kit includes a header board with a Cortex-M3 processor, an Ethernet port, a USB connection and flash storage, and an application board.

The underlying infrastructure for Xively uses LogMeIn's Gravity: The platform that drives the company's popular remote access applications.

"What we're giving is security, scalability and interoperability from a business standpoint," Simon said.

"We're dramatically the time to market, we're dramatically reducing the cost to get a product to the market, and, hopefully, we're delivering a lot of peace of mind. I think [the IoT is] the biggest opportunity our industry will have ever seen."

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