Equinix completes ME1 data centre expansion

Equinix has completed its expansion of ME1, bumping the Port Melbourne data centre’s capacity to 1125 cabinets and giving it a total colocation area of around 3325 square metres.

The company announced in September that it would invest $37 million to expand the Melbourne data centre's capacity.

The expansion added 750 new cabinets and 1660 square metres to the data centre.

“The development and expansion of ME1 phase two addresses the growing demand from businesses planning to expand into Melbourne, which is now home to 25 per cent of the Australian business population,” Equinix Australia managing director, Jeremy Deutsch, said in a statement.

Equinix revealed today that Yarra City Council had taken space in the expanded data centre, using Equinix Cloud Exchange to connect to Microsoft Azure and Office 365. The council plans to move all its onsite data to Equinix by 2017.

Equinix is due to formally launch its fourth Sydney data centre — SY4 — later this month. SY4 will eventually house 3000 cabinets and offer 12,600 square metres of colocation space. Equinix announced details of the new Sydney data centre, located in Alexandria, in April last year.


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