?Raytheon|Websense rebrands as Forcepoint

Raytheon|Websense has moved to re-assure local customers that it will be business as usual following the announcement of its new name, Forcepoint.

US-based Websense merged with Raytheon Cyber Products in May 2015. It also acquired the Stonesoft next-generation firewall business from Intel Security in January 2016.

The combined company has more than 20,000 commercial and government customers around the world. It employs 2200 people.

Forcepoint Asia Pacific vice president of sales, Maurizio Garavello, said people will be dealing with the same team and IT partners.

“The Forcepoint goal is to keep growing. This was the mandate from our board of directors and this is why Raytheon decided to merge with Websense,” he said.

“We are trying to bring together three different companies with three different DNA and product portfolio. We want to be a single company.”

Garavello, who joined the company 11 years ago, said it was emotional to let go of the Websense brand.

“We know the security company is fragmented and a very hot market. My personal view is that there will be consolidation now and in the future. This is because every year we have tons of new [security] startups coming up.”

Forcepoint CEO John McCormack said in a statement that it will provide a unified cloud-centric platform called 4D Security to defend against attacks, detect suspicious activity sooner and give the context needed to decide what actions to take to defeat the attack and stop data theft.

“Defend, detect, decide, defeat – this is our vision for Forcepoint 4D Security. We have the expertise, financial commitment and ongoing access to unique, defense-grade security technology necessary to deliver this,” he said.


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