The New Browser Wars: Is Chrome Shining?

Google has stirred things up yet again this week with the introduction of its Web browser Google Chrome.

Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that there has been a lot of downloading this week to see how Google’s latest offering fits into an already tight marketplace (see Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 8). Chrome differentiates itself largely though its use of isolated tabs, allowing single tabs to crash when bugs are found rather than the entire browser.

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But despite Google's proud touting of Chrome's functionality, alleged security and privacy flaws are already cropping up, including a carpet bomb bug threat and faults in an older version of WebKit used by the browser.

Corporate adoption of Chrome is already being questioned, but advocates have been quick to point out that the browser is still in beta version.

The release of Chrome has caused speculation as to whether Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will remain the browser of choice for the enterprise, and how Mozilla’s Firefox browser will fare against a new open source browser alternative.

Are you using Chrome? Are you worried about security or privacy issues, or will you continue to use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari?

Is Chrome shining or tarnishing already?

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