ICT job ads up in March: Olivier Index

The prospects for ICT professionals seeking a new role are increasingly improving, with strong demand for ICT skills reported in March, according to the latest Olivier job index.

The number of jobs for ICT professionals in March grew some five per cent over February, and taken on a year by year basis, grew some 8.4 per cent over March 2009.

On the ICT graduate hiring front, March saw a 12.2 per cent improvement over February, however compared year on year, hires declined 3.6 per cent.

According to the index, the figures for the wider market -- point to improved confidence amongst employers and reflects a remarkable turnaround in the job market in Australia since mid 2009.

Looking at the wider market, the index says that March’s rise is over double that of February.

"We have seen positive increases in nine out of the past 10 months," the index reads. "In fact this month’s rise is the second largest since January 2008."

The report argues that employers also acted very smartly during the GFC in reducing hours rather than over zealous retrenchment -- a combination of good HR practice and commercial expediency.

"Now those strategies are beginning to pay dividends with a two pronged approach to expansion -- increasing hours back to pre GFC levels and increasing headcount," the index reads.

On a state by state basis, NSW was on the whole up 6.2 per cent over February and up 2.7 per cent year on year.

Victoria was up 4.6 per cent over February and up 5.9 per cent year on year.

South Australia was a more modest 1.0 up over February and 4.7 per cent up year on year.

WA was up 8.0 per cent over February and up 9.9 per cent year on year.

Queensland was up just 0.8 per cent on February and down 11.4 per cent year on year.

Tasmania was up 3.3 per cent over February and up 11.0 per cent year on year.

The ACT was up 3.1 per cent over February and up 11.0 per cent year on year.

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