Nokia, Vodafone eye 4G rollout for Melbourne’s train system

Nokia and Vodafone have teamed up for a proposal that would see them roll out 4G across Melbourne’s train system.

The proposal was made under Victoria’s market-led proposals guideline and would see LTE used to help deliver maintenance alerts, more accurate arrival times for trains, and high-capacity signalling, the state government said.

The plan has reached stage four of the assessment process — negotiation and assessment of final offer — the government revealed today.

“We welcome the Victorian government’s announcement and look forward to moving to the next stage of the market led proposal process,” said Nokia’s local boss, Ray Owen.

“4G networks are increasingly finding use in a range of mission critical applications, including public transport systems, where they can improve the efficiency and safety of operations and deliver new and exciting services for users.”

If the proposal goes ahead, the rollout is expected to take six months, the government said.

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