CUA, Queensland Police sign up for Australia Post’s Digital iD

Credit union CUA and the Queensland Police Service are among the first organisations to sign up to Australia Post’s Digital iD service.

Australia Post announced today that Airtasker and Travelx will also adopt the platform.

The service allows individuals to verify their identity once then use a digital identity across multiple services, both online and in person.

“This removes the need for Australians to repeatedly use several forms of identity to prove who they are or have numerous passwords to access products and services,” Australia Post says.

Queensland Police Service will integrate Digital iD into its national police clearance certificates process. CUA will verify new members applying for savings accounts via mobile devices or online, Australia Post said.

Australia Post said its research shows identity verification processes cost the economy up to $11 billion a year.

"That's why we have developed the safe and secure Digital iD platform, so people can prove who they say they are when they are interacting online with government and private sector organisations," Australia Post’s executive general manager trusted eCommerce services, Andrew Walduck, said in a statement.

"We have already integrated Digital iD with our own products and services including MyPost Parcel Collect and our Mail Redirection Service and have received positive feedback from our customers."

Earlier this year Australia Post revealed it planned to work with the government’s Digital Transformation Agency to integrate Digital iD into the government’s Digital Identity Framework.

This year’s budget included$22.7 million in 2017-18 for ongoing work on the DTA’s GovPass project.

Australia Post announced in May that it was partnering with the DTA to work on a proof of concept integration of Digital iD into the new framework. GovPass is intended to make it easier to prove identity when using government services.


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