Startup Catalyst extends deadline for applications

Startup Catalyst has extended by a week the window for young Queenslanders to apply for its program, which will offer participants a taste of Silicon Valley's startup culture.

Under the program, 20 young people will be flown free of charge to the US to visit the offices of tech companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

“We have made the decision to extend the application deadline for Startup Catalyst by an additional week," said Startup Catalyst's project director, Colin Kinner

"We plan on really leveraging this extra time by speaking at a number of local universities and garnering as much interest from students as possible.

"We really want to drive the number of student applicants this year – it is too good an opportunity for them to pass on."

The project is sponsored by Queensland co-working community River City Labs.

This is the Startup Catalyst's second year.

"Startup Catalyst was such an eye-opening experience for the Tanda team," said Alex Ghiculescu.

The director at Tanda, which produces time and attendance software, participated in last year's Startup Catalyst program.

"We took away sound, expert advice and hugely benefited from mixing with both sides of the tech spectrum — from those experts at Google and Facebook to fellow entrepreneurs sitting in the same boat as us at the startup related events in Silicon Valley."

The program is open to Queensland residents aged 18-25 who have coding skills and an interest in entrepreneurship and who are willing to share their experience of Startup Catalyst when they return.

Details are available on the Startup Catalyst website.

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