Basslink repairs expected to be completed by mid-June

Basslink has located the fault on the interconnector that is used for power transmission between the mainland and Tasmania but has yet to determine the initial cause of the problem on the cable.

The fault point was pinpointed 90.467km from Tasmania’s coast, Basslink said.

In addition to power transmission, optical fibre laid with the cable is used for telco services. The repair process has involved the cable being cut impacting on bandwidth available to Tasmanian Internet users.

“The analysis process, which saw us cut the cable 1150m from the fault, has been encouraging,” Basslink CEO Malcolm Eccles said in a statement issued today.

“This represents a difference of only 0.4 per cent of Basslink’s entire cable length, which is a great result and vindicates the extent of testing and analysis undertaken.

“The team has worked hard over the last few days clearing around 63 tonnes of cable to ensure it does not interfere with the later phases of repair operations. We have also conducted extensive tests to confirm the removal of the fault and that the cable is ready for jointing, with both ends of the cable now capped and on the sea bed.”

Basslink now expects repairs to be complete by mid-June.

“The initial findings have revealed the degree of water ingress into the cable through the fault has resulted in more damaged cable that needs to be replaced, which will see a third joint required on the cable,” a statement from Basslink said.

“In simple terms, water got in and damaged the cable – this now needs to be removed. Consequently, an additional mobilisation phase is required in Geelong to restock the vessel with cable to complete the jointing phase to connect the additional replacement cable.”


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