China’s ZongMu partners with Data61 to help cars see

ZongMu Technology will use technology developed CSIRO’s Data61 in its efforts to build autonomous vehicles.

The Chinese startup has partnered with Data61’s Smart Vision Systems Group in an effort to help give self-driving cars vision. ZongMu produces advanced driving assistance systems for car-makers.

“Our self-driving technology is already being used by China’s leading car makers, but Data61’s expertise in computer vision will be imperative to our goal of bringing self-driving cars to market,” ZongMu CEO Tang Rui said.

“We pride ourselves on providing our partners with high-level autonomous driving technology affordably and with the highest safety standards.”

“Computer vision is the technology that allows autonomous vehicles to determine the difference between what is pavement and what is driveable road,” said Dr Nick Barnes, who leads Data61’s Smart Vision Systems Group.

“Unlike laser sensors which rely on a series of points to identify hazards, computer vision offers richer information and a deeper understanding of road scenes through 3D image analysis, enabling safer automated driving.”

The computer vision algorithms that the researchers are developing with the Chinese company also offer significant cost advantages over laser sensors, said Data61’s Dr Shaodi You.

“On the other hand, the computer vision algorithms we’re developing with ZongMu cost one-tenth the amount and will allow commercial and truly autonomous cars to reach the road in a much shorter time frame,” You said.

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