Victorian Police suspend crime database overhaul

Victorian Police have suspended a replacement project for its criminal history and crime reporting database, LEAP.

The LINK project was supposed to be rolled out this year but, due to the difficulty and cost of linking other systems to the off-the-shelf product from Niche Technology, the Victorian Police have stopped work for six months.

"This is an important project and we have a responsibility to our members and the community to ensure that we get this right. It is far better that we identify these issues now, and address them, before we introduce the system and train our members in its use. When introduced, LINK will provide a more efficient and user friendly system that will meet the needs of Victoria Police now and for many years to come," Victoria Police executive director of infrastructure and IT, Michael Vanderheide, said in a statement.

"The current LEAP system remains adequate and we will work to address these issues as quickly as possible. We are committed to finding a solution that allows us to move forward without needing to invest significant funds."

The Niche Technology product is in use by about 90 police agencies around the world, including Queensland.

"LINK was to be rolled out progressively this year to replace our existing LEAP system which is used for crime reporting and recording criminal histories, details of suspects and wanted persons as well as other driving related matters," the police statement reads.

In other Victorian Police news, an investigation into the Victoria Police Business Information and Technology Services Department (BITS), the findings of which were released in November last year, found evidence of financial mismanagement.


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