GovCMS releases its Drupal distribution

The government's govCMS project has made its Drupal distribution available for download.

Earlier this year, govCMS announced it would fork the aGov distribution.

"While govCMS utilised the aGov code base as its foundation, it is clear their future paths will vary to meet the requirements of different customers," explained a statement issued by govCMS in April.

"For this reason now is the ideal time to fork aGov and create a distinct distribution for the govCMS service."

The aGov Drupal distribution was created by local development shop PreviousNext and designed to help local, state and federal agencies easily deploy websites that comply with government standards.

PreviousNext is continuing to develop aGov.

The govCMS distribution is now available for download from

Sites running the distribution include,,, and

GovCMS is a CMS-as-as-service offering for government agencies managed by the Department of Finance. It officially went live earlier this year.

"Finance is committed towards contributing to building the Drupal Open Source Community," a govCMS blog entry stated.

"Upgrades to the distribution will be made available to govCMS customers and via and GitHub. New functionality or features will undergo a quality assurance and technical certification process to maintain the integrity of the govCMS distribution."

The govCMS service is hosted by US firm Acquia in its cloud service, which is built on Amazon Web Services' public cloud.

According to the government's chief technology officer, John Sheridan, the platform is intended to offer cost-effective Web content management for government agencies, particularly those with a large number of brochure-style websites.


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