Queensland Police equips motorbikes with drones

Queensland police drone
Queensland Police

Queensland Police Forensic Crash Unit unveiled motorbikes equipped with drones to help map crash sites.

Four drones have been deployed and there are eight pilots in South East Queensland.

According to Queensland Police, the mapping methods used previously cost more and take more time than drones, which also improve "quality and accuracy of evidence captured".

“A Project Team was established to identify emerging technology to replace outdated mapping methods to reduce road closure times and subsequent traffic congestion,” Road Policing Command (RPC) assistant commissioner Mike Keating said.

“The team identified that innovative drone technology had the potential to significantly reduce road scene mapping times.

“The reduction in road closure times at fatal and serious scenes is a huge cost saving benefit to the Queensland community that does not compromise police investigations.”

Queensland Police estimates that congestion traffic crashes on Brisbane roads result in $23 million cost in one year.

The drones will replace mapping technology that has been used for the past 23 years.

According to Police minister Mark Ryan the new technology will result in shorter roads closure periods, better evidence with no increase in cost.

“This has been a thoroughly researched project and included consultation with key stakeholders to develop procedures and policies for the effective and safe deployment of the drone technology on motorways, highways and major arterial roads and its subsequent admissibility in court," Ryan explained.

Computerworld has requested further information regarding the drones.

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