Govt promises $1.6m for AFP big data capabilities

The Australian Federal Police will receive $1.6 million in “new big data capability,” justice minister Michael Keenan announced this morning.

“Open source social media provides a large data set – subsequently providing linkages and other in depth intelligence on terrorist groups from their members,” a statement issued by the minister said.

“The sheer volume of associated data from the IS online onslaught has created a windfall of intelligence, and gives tremendous insight into terrorist organisations and also insight into operational activity from geo-location, to unintentionally leaked plans or photos.”

In addition the Australian Crime Commission will receive $1 million for technology that will enable secure, real-time transfer of intelligence between surveillance teams, the minister said.

“The new real-time capability will enhance safety, situational awareness and the timeliness and accuracy of decisions and actions in the field,” Keenan said.


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