?Six telcos asked to comply with TCP Code

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has requested six telecommunications providers to comply with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code after failing to lodge compliance documents in April.

According to ACMA, AussieSim, Btel Communications, Dataweave Internet, Golden IT, Harbour of Technology and MVoice did not file compliance documents in 2014 either. Telcos are required to send documents to Communications Compliance (CommCom), the body established to oversee the TCP Code framework.

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said it would take action against the telcos, such as issuing directions, if necessary.

“While the ACMA won’t be tolerating repeat instances of non-compliance, I’m obviously very pleased to see a general trend of greater compliance over the past few years and reduced complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.”

In September, ACMA issued formal warnings to 25 providers who failed to lodge documents with CommCom.

At the time Chapman said that the number of CommCom warnings issued by ACMA had dropped from 39 in 2014 and 95 in 2013.

In May, ACMA reported that 391 telcos had lodged the required documents for 2015 compared to 331 lodgers in 2014 and 225 in 2013.

The telco body also released a report this week which indicated a high level of compliance with advertising rules among telecommunications providers in Australia.

In a review of 27 advertisements from a range of providers, it found that 25 were compliant with the TCP Code rules. Inquiries into the two non-compliant advertisements are underway.

“These [code] rules ensure that all advertisements are clear, accurate and not misleading to consumers. They must also contain important information such as standard charges for text, calls and data as well as any important information on qualifications and conditions,” said Chapman.

“We will continue to watch how industry advertises, recognising that informed consumer choices lead to increased consumer satisfaction and improved reputation for the telecommunications sector in Australia.”

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