Vent IT: Big Brother Kev has his eye on you

Computerworld Vent IT is your opportunity to unleash carefully proposed thoughts or wild raving rants. At the end of each week we invite you to comment on a story that piqued our interest. Let it all out and tell us what floats your boat or gets your blood boiling.

So to this week's inaugural topic...

A wise man once said those who give up liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither. So what price will Australians pay if proposed amendments are passed to allow law enforcement agencies to install wiretaps in public telephones, Internet cafes, and mobile phones without a warrant?

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Privacy groups were again outraged and the public confused, following a separate announcement by the Attorney General this week that your boss will somehow join the fight against terror by reading your e-mail office jokes. What seemed like a belated April Fools prank, turned out to be a set of sweeping "quasi-police" reforms to make the law's favourite gadget, the wiretap, more accessible. With the 15th season of Big Brother about to restart - is this life imitating art?

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