Vic Police cancel fines issued by WannaCry-infected cameras

Victoria Police have cancelled fines issued using evidence from speed and red-light cameras infected by the WannaCry ransomware.

The announcement was made today by Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther. Some 55 cameras in the state were affected by WannaCry.

The infection was first revealed by radio station 3AW, which said cameras had been infected via a USB drive.

The police said 590 fines would be cancelled.

WannaCry made headlines in May. The ransomware was also known as WannaCrypt, “WanaCryt0r”, “WanaDecryptor” and “Wana”.

The SMB exploit used by the ransomware was among those employed by tools believed to have been used by the US National Security Agency and released in a Shadow Brokers dump earlier this year.

Microsoft in March released a patch for the ‘EternalBlue’ vulnerability exploited by the malware. However, that patch was only for versions of Windows still supported by the software vendor. The company in May then released patches for out-of-support versions of Windows affected by the vulnerability.


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