Kounta takes aim at US market

Kounta has formally launched its bid to enter the US market, the Sydney-based startup announced today.

Kounta has opened has opened a Silicon Valley office, the startup said.

The company offers a Web-based point of sale system on a subscription model.

The startup's customers pay a monthly fee, starting at $50 per month per register, to use the POS system.

Kounta works with Windows-based PCs, Mac OS, iPads and Android devices, and traditional POS equipment.

"We're entering a busy market, but one that’s ripe for disruption," Jason Seed, Kounta's president for North America, said in a statement.

The company announced Seed's appointment in December

"On the one hand you have companies like Square and Groupon that have entered the POS market and done quite well.

"However, they have ulterior motives to get you on to a specific payment provider or service, which they obviously earn money from. They are far from being open and this lock-in is dangerous for small business owners."

"Our approach is completely different," Seed said.

"We see POS as the central business operating system for millions of American businesses. We don’t have a hidden motive to tie small business owners down to a certain payments provider.

"Instead, we have built an open platform that integrates with everything else, so small business owners can choose the payments provider, or accounting software, or ordering applications , that suits them best."

Kounta said it would soon unveil a channel program for resellers.

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