Equinix spends $55 million on SY4 expansion

Equinix’s SY4 will host an additional 1500 cabinets after the company completes an expansion of the data centre.

Equinix announced today that it would pour $55 million (US$42 million) into the expansion program, which will double the data centre’s capacity and bring total useable floor space to more than 12,500 square metres.

The company launched its fourth Sydney facility in August 2016, investing $121 million in the Alexandria facility. In addition to SY1, SY2, SY3 and SY4, which are linked together by dark fibre as a virtual data centre cabinet, the company has a Melbourne data centre mdash; ME1.

“Today, we are already supporting more than 100 local and multinational companies in SY4,” said Equinix Australia managing director Jeremy Deutsch.

“Our investment in SY4 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the most robust architecture and interconnection options that allow customers to accelerate business relationships and speed to market.”

The Hawaiki submarine cable is slated to terminate in SY4.

The 14,000-kilometre cable is due to be completed in 2018. It will connect Australia and New Zealand to the west coast of the United States via American Samoa and Hawaii.

Supplier TE SubCom has completed a route survey and announced in May that it had manufactured more than 13,000 kilometres of cable and more than 150 repeaters for the transpacific cable.

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