Vic govt push to streamline service delivery

The first budget of the new Victorian Labor government sets aside $15 million for the development of 'Service Victoria'.

Service Victoria is intended to streamline access to government transactional services. The initial round of funding will be used for planning and development work for the new agency.

"Currently, these services are excessively difficult to navigate, with government transactions and information spread across hundreds of phone hotlines and 538 different websites," a statement issued by the government said.

The organisation will begin by looking at ways to improve the delivery of the highest volume transactions involving government agencies.

"We don’t need almost a thousand different websites and hotlines for things like car registration and birth certificates," Victoria's special minister of state, Gavin Jennings, said.

"Service Victoria will get rid of the inefficiencies that are currently wasting time for families and businesses."

In neighbouring New South Wales, the Coalition government in 2012 announced the creation of Service NSW. The agency is designed to be a 'one-stop shop' for state government in NSW.

Since its creation the agency has progressively incorporated services into its online portal.

In last year's NSW budget, the government allocated $324 million for Service NSW including a $190.5 million transfer from Roads and Maritime, with motor registries transformed into Service NSW centres.

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