No way out

Make that call or go outside; either way, you’re going to have red ears.

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It’s after hours at a surgery center, and pilot fish who has been working on the computers, decides to wander through the back passageways and learn the layout.

Passing through a set of double doors, fish finds himself in a hallway with bathrooms and storage. The doors at the far end lead toward the front, so he heads that way — but they're locked. And you need a code to open them. Fish heads back to the doors he came in by — locked as well. Another door leads to the outside, but it’s really cold out, and fish would have to walk all the way around a big building with no jacket.

So he calls the office manager's cell phone: Hey, man, I appear to have locked myself in a hallway ...

Says fish: “They thought it was extremely funny. Jerks.”

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