FAQ: Microsoft sharpens Edge

The company's new Chromium-based browser will officially arrive in final form in January. Here's what you need to know about it ahead of the rollout.

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Urupong Getty / Microsoft

Microsoft will release the polished version of its overhauled Edge browser in less than 10 weeks.

While the new Edge has been built using technologies from a fierce rival — Google, which controls two-thirds of the global user share — it's also an attempt by Redmond to resurrect its own browser fortunes. Edge, the old Edge, the browser that debuted alongside Windows 10 four years ago, was roundly rejected by users.

Now, Microsoft wants a second chance. But will customers grant the company a mulligan?

We don't know. But we do know answers to a variety of other important questions about Edge Part Deux. In fact, we have more answers than space, so we'll revisit second-chance Edge before that January 2020, roll-out arrives.

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