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Set your brand up for success with a .tech domain extension


Imagine this. You’ve finally completed your brand new app that’s going to revolutionize the way we live. You’ve even come up with a catchy name that meshes perfectly with your app and no other company has laid claim to. Unfortunately, someone from the ’90s already built a .com website with the domain name you want to use. What’s worse, that website isn’t even in use anymore!

You don’t have to be a mobile app developer to relate. Perhaps you’re a freelance coder with a generic name who wants to showcase your portfolio, or you might be an agency specializing in tech clients. Whatever the case, you need a domain extension that illustrates what you’re all about, and it needs to be available. So why not use “.tech”? Right now, you can get your own .tech domain extension starting at just $7.99 per year. 

There are countless domain names registered to .com, .net, and .org extensions, so your chances of finding something truly unique is slim to none. With a .tech extension, you’re much more likely to secure the domain name you need, meaning you don’t have to jump through all the excessive hoops that come with creating a convoluted .com name. 

Additionally, a .tech extension is ideal for tech-focused branding. Registering a .tech domain automatically gives visitors context on your industry and the type of services you provide. Just one word is all it takes to make your website more memorable, and this is imperative if you want to stick out in the ever-growing tech industry.

If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your domain’s branding and garner more website visitors, you can get your .tech domain—and save loads of cash today. 1-year domain plans are on sale for $7.99, down from $49.99, but you can also get 3-year and 5-year domains for $24.99 and $39.99 respectively. 

Start searching for the perfect domain here and elevate your brand’s visibility today. 

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