12 blockchain-related jobs to consider in 2020

Blockchain skills are increasingly being sought after for jobs connected to legacy IT systems.

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For more than a year, blockchain management and development has topped some lists of the hottest skills in the IT job market, and thousands of blockchain jobs in the U.S. are now up for grabs.

According to a mid-year salary survey from Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular salary surveys, blockchain development and management positions remain in high demand.

As the distributed ledger technology matures and corporate uptake increases, blockchain is becoming intrinsically linked to more traditional roles in the enterprise architecture and creating a new set of job classifications.

Janco Associates said it has for the first time added a "Blockchain DLT" career path to its IT Job Family Classification System, and it is also linked to all other IT job families.

cw all job families with blockchain diagram by janco associates 2400x2150 Janco Associates Inc.

"Positions that tangentially are impacted by blockchain are in high demand. It is for that reason that we included them in this bundle and analysis of compensation," said Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis. "As this technology progresses, we believe that ERP and enterprise architecture disciplines will merge with blockchain. And we think that is not too far into the future."

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