Windows 10: It's complicated

Think fast: How many versions of Windows 10 are there now, how often do they get updated and how long will Microsoft support them? You almost need a spreadsheet to keep track — and that's a problem.

It was a far, far simpler time. There was just the one iPad. Iron Man was only up to 2. And Windows 7 scratched its way onto about a quarter of all Windows PCs.

The year: 2010.

Somewhere in the intervening years, things got complicated. Now iPads come in five sizes. Marvel's universe has more characters than a Tolstoy novel and Iron Man is a Lego. And Windows 10, the true successor to Windows 7 (Windows 8? Please), is confusing.

Compared to the starkness of Windows 7 and its single service pack, Windows 10 is a Hydra untamed even by Heracles. Cut off one upgrade and another appears.

Count the ways.

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