9 reasons there may be an October Apple event

Apple could announce new products almost weekly into December, if it chose to do so.

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File this in the speculation file, but during what seems to be a relative lull in Apple-related proceedings a spate of recent chatter seems to hint that a fall Apple event may be in the pipeline.

Here are some reasons why:

Apple TV+ is coming

Apple watchers won’t have missed the rapid pace of Apple TV+ show trailers emanating from the company’s busy YouTube channel. (If viewing figures are any guide, all eyes are on See, the trailer for which has so far been watched by more than 20 million people.)

Billions in investment, going up against Netflix and Amazon Prime and losing Disney CEO Bob Iger from the Apple board are all fairly big ticket items, so there’s no doubt the company will want to put huge marketing clout behind the Nov. 1 start of the service.

Perhaps we'll even see brand new Apple TV hardware – maybe that low-cost Apple TV stick people speculated on briefly last year?

The Mac Pro is coming

The problem with the Apple TV+ theory is how to associate it with the other big item Apple has planned – in this case, the all-new Mac Pro and its outstanding display.

These Macs are the pro workhorses for AR development, movies, music, architecture and pro imaging, and after such a long wait and a WWDC special appearance (with a huge demo area), it seems unlikely to me the company will ship this product with little more than a press release.

It's got to get fanfare...

But would it fit beside an Apple TV+ launch event?

Thanksgiving is a time for Macs

Recall that 16-in. Pro MacBook Pro Plus XS Max (or whatever it is Apple is going to call it's rumored new laptop)? That hot rumor hasn’t gone away – 9to5Mac seems pretty certain we’re looking at an October launch.

Expected to be the same size as the 15-in. model but with a bigger display, the upcoming Mac is also expected to abandon those butterfly keyboards that (fair to say) haven’t done much for the company’s reputation for product design.

I guess there’s an outside chance of a speed bump for the Mac mini and it seems logical to enhance the 13-in. MacBook Pro at the same time.

Will you get a Sidecar with that?

The iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad have all seen updates this year, while the iPad Pro has not – and it generally keeps pace in processor power with the iPhone de jour.

It makes sense then to plop the powerful A13 chip inside a new model, which might also see the tablet get the impressive three-lens cameras now available in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Accessory #1: AirPod 3

AirPods are popular. People covet them. You see them everywhere. And those who own them really seem to love them.

What better gift for any Thanksgiving party?

Thus it was no surprise this week to see code magically “found” inside iOS developer betas that seems to depict an all-new AirPod design.

Could these be the mythical waterproof, noise-cancelling AirPods predicted so often over the last 12 months and destined to be stuck tight in the ears of thousands of developers making the pilgrimage to WWDC 2020?

And what about those over-the-ear AirPods? Is this a market Apple will leave to Beats?

Accessory #2: Apple Tags

Built to work with the new Find My system and quite possibly equipped with UWB chips: Apple Tags. There’s lots of interest in the company’s wildly speculated-upon Tile device competitor.

We don’t know if the speculation is true, though it’s coming from pretty much everyone with a good reputation for “sources” inside the company so it seems probable.

Accessory #3: HomePod

All those HomePod features booked to come through “later this fall” – might these be accompanied with new hardware? After all, as Brian Roemmele points out, there are big opportunities locked inside the Voice First mesh-networking-driven evolution that’s quietly taking place, and Apple’s ecosystems could benefit from them.

Accessory #4...

Regular readers know I’m tracking those promised Made for HomeKit broadband routers Apple promised us earlier this year at its developer’s conference.

With Apple’s brand-new iPhones now set for Wi-Fi 6, there’s also a need for routers to support deployment of the super-fast Wi-Fi standard.

I’m relatively convinced Apple’s Made for HomeKit partners are looking to jump into this space later this year, and think there’s a service/hardware/mobile device story to be told on the back of the standard. Wireless connectivity is, after all, the glue that binds Apple’s services, software and hardware together – and lays the ground for other exciting product launches in the future.

And Apple Card?

We know Apple wants to launch Apple Card in more countries. Might there be a little movement just ahead of the end-of-the-year shopping season? 

Up next

Apple has a lot to get through. The list so far shows it could announce new products almost weekly into December, if it wanted to.

It’s also inevitable that as the company’s presence in various vertical markets grows, it will become increasingly necessary for it to hold more launch events as it tries to evangelize its products.

Which also suggests it will need to explore different launch event formats in order to keep things interesting. (Reminder: Apple held an October launch event in New York last year.)

If only there were some way to subscribe to all this stuff.

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