‘Made in India’ Klassify classifies global market as next charter

With the objective to elevate Klassify as de-facto for data classification in India, security experts Vishal and Sukhpal have embarked into international markets with early success kicking in.


India based start-up Klassify is embarking on the next chapter of its journey.

The data classification company Klassify launched in 2017 is aggressively exploring the global market.

Klassify is the brain wave of Vishal Bindra, who’s been in the information security market for over three decades.

The journey has been really exciting with new challenges almost every day, as every start-up faces, says Vishal Bindra, CEO, Klassify. 

Vishal Bindra Klassify

While working with large enterprises and helping organisations build their data protection frameworks, we identified that most of them were struggling with defining the sensitivity of their business critical data

Vishal Bindra, CEO, Klassify

While working with large enterprises and helping organisations build their data protection frameworks, we identified that most of them were struggling with defining the sensitivity of their business critical data, says Vishal often regaled as security czar of India.

In May of 2019, Klassify ventured on foreign shores with its home-grown ‘Made in India’ product.

After our success in India, we approached reputed security partners in APAC and Middle East region, says Vishal as he shares that within three months they have acquired multiple international customer against stiff competition with global giants, giving them immense confidence that Klassify’s data classification platform is ready for global markets.

ACPL Systems founded by Vishal in the nineties is a well-recognized security systems integrator working with leading security MNCs and serving IT and security needs of many organizations across industry verticals in India and globally.

Sukhpal Singh Sandhu Klassify

While Klassify’s dynamic data classification approach edges over competition, the data classification needs are same in and outside India as key challenge of the enterprises is identifying sensitivity of their business critical data to be managed and protected effectively.

Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Director, Klassify

He recalls, “We took this challenge of helping enterprises address to define the sensitivity of their business critical data, so that it can be effectively managed, discovered, stored and protected, which gave birth to Klassify two years ago.”

Klassify was incepted with this thought and as more enterprises and government bodies focus towards sensitive data identification, classification and protection, it does endorse that we are on the right track, says Vishal.

The global data classification market is expected to register a CAGR of 24 % during the forecast period 2019-2024 as per industry reports.

The technological advancements supporting government compliances and regulations and compliances in many developed countries is further expected to boost the demand and growth for data classification solutions globally.

The big achievements for Klassify include 42 + customer landmark and on boarding many BFSI customers in past six months. And of course longboarding our international customers, says Vishal.

How technologically advanced is Klassify compared to established niche vendors like Bolden James, Titus? Klassify’s uniqueness lies in its unified Data discovery and Data Classification platform which no other vendor offers. The simplicity, user friendliness and some unique features like customisation flexibility, centralised client deployment through our platform add lots of value in solution rollout, says Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Director, Klassify.

Klassify’s Dynamic Platform helps the enterprises discover, classify and protect their business critical information with its three products: Klassify Data Classification Suite, Klassify Data Discovery and Compliance suite, Klassify Card Data Discovery Suite (for PCI DSS compliance).

A 5-star rating by leading industry research company’ peer insights imparted big boost to our determination to innovate and make Klassify a world class enterprise solution, he adds.

Establish Klassify as brand in Indian market first before venturing into global markets was a well etched plan by the team.

Today, there are dozen odd channel partners for Klassify outside India for Kalssify including 4 in Sri Lanka, 2 in Bangladesh, 1 partner each in Thailand, Singapore, Qatar, Turkey and Italy. Kalssify has MTech as its distributor in SAARC region and RAS Infotech as its Middle East distributor to enhance the channel ecosystem. 

By 2021, we are targeting to take our business split revenues to about 50% from Indian market and 50% from international markets says Vishal.

The fifty percent business from international markets means a robust sustainable channel ecosystem for partners to work with Klassify against established vendors in data classification domain.

Vishal replies, “We had similar thoughts as we started to approach them, but the maturity of platform, feature set and commercials competitiveness of Klassify led to their eagerness to on-board us.

Sukhpal states, “While dynamic data classification approach gives edge to Klassify over the competition, the data classification needs are exactly the same in India and outside India as the main challenge of the enterprises is to identity the sensitivity of their business critical data to be managed and protected effectively.”

Data classification solution help them boost the data sensitivity awareness among their employees and help them strengthen their data security program, he says.

“Our channel strategy with assurance of technical hand holding during POCs and post-sale implementation along with healthy margins make it easy for us to establish trust with international partners.

At end of the day partners anywhere in the world want to work with OEM that has solution that addresses the market need and they make healthy bottom line, say Vishal and Sukhpal.

Rise in India, GTM 2020

Born in India Klassify continues strengthening its position as it has signed up with many prominent security partners which includes large SIs & Big 4 consulting organisations.

Klassify has acquired clients from almost all the verticals like Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT/ITes, and Construction in India

We are receiving very warm response from channel community as they are able to win with Klassify and able to address customer’s requirements with Klassify platform, says Vishal.

MTech as SAARC region distributor is adding lots of value by taking Klassify to their partner community and on-boarding them. MTech also helped us to expand into SAARC countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

We are seeing buy-in coming from multiple stakeholders at customer end for Klassify be it Risk and compliance teams, CISOs, CIOs, LOBs, and in some cases even fraud management teams. We see the same set of buyers outside India too,” says Sukhpal.

The CIOs and CSOs globally and in India expect Klassify team to increase the user’s awareness on data sensitivity. They want us to help them choose the right classification (sensitivity) of the data which users are creating and sharing and stop the user from doing wrong classification of the data as per Sukhpal.

And they expect Klassify to offer tighter integration with their existing data protection controls like DLP, CASB, IRM for their IT team to seamlessly automate their protection controls, he adds.

The Go to Market for Klassify in 2020 is investing the relevant efforts to increase its reach by innovating and adding more features and functionality in Klassify platform as per Sukhpal.

A big priority next year is expanding our support for cloud platforms, technical integrations with other data security OEMs offering solutions like DLP, Encryption, IRM, CASB, says Vishal.

Kalssify will increase its partner ecosystem by on boarding right set of partners with expertise in data security domain and consulting approach at customer end.

We are working with a large MSSP to launch Data Classification as a service for Indian and global customers, says Sukhpal

The duo of Vishal and Sukhpal are all geared to make Klassify as de-facto for data classification in India market.

The aggressive plans at Klassify includes global expansion covering APAC, Middle East and Africa next year and then focus on Europe and US markets by mid- 2020 as per Sukhpal

The objective is cross 100 customers for Klassify globally by 2020 end, says Vishal.

Any learning for the security entrepreneur Vishal over three decades with ACPL Systems and now with Klassify?

In 1990, ACPL started as a developer of Smartdog – India’s first anti-virus solution an over past three decades it grew multi fold to become top cyber security SI in India, he recalls as and adds that he always had the knack to develop our unique IP which addresses the challenge of data classification which most of the enterprises are struggling with globally.

It’s a full circle for Vishal Bindra from developing India’s first AV to now helping enterprises’ data classification strategy with Klassify.

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