Defining the Next Chapter for the IT Industry: On-Premises IT-as-a-Service

The “As a Service” model delivers services, not products; flexibility, not rigidity; and costs that align to business outcomes.

Cloud choices

Addressing an audience of IT leaders at HPE Discover in June, HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri said: “More and more of you tell me that you don’t want to spend resources managing your infrastructure, whether it’s at the Edge, in the cloud or in the data center, legacy or cloud-native. You just want to focus on your applications data and your business outcomes.”

It’s a straightforward observation, and one that resonates with companies struggling with tight budgets, increasingly complex IT environments, and limited in-house skills.

But HPE’s response to this market need is truly momentous. It will reshape not only HPE itself, but the industry at large – and it may well transform how your company consumes IT. Antonio continued: “I am making this commitment to you: In the next three years, HPE will be a consumption-driven company, and everything we deliver to you will be available As a Service. We are defining the next chapter for the IT industry.” (See our press release to learn how HPE will offer its entire portfolio as a Service by 2022.)

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