How Midsize Companies Can Ensure IT Efficiency

The competition is tough and the resources are scarce, but finding ways to compete in the current business environment still means embracing the technologies that allow you to drive business goals.

Cloud workers

For midsize companies, speed is everything. New opportunities in the digital economy are emerging all the time, and midsize companies must constantly battle against not just their established competitors, but also smaller upstart firms with disruptive new ideas and the large established entities that have an abundance of resources to crush competitors standing in their way.

It’s tough being in the middle of the mix, which is why many companies are considering offloading responsibility for a particularly complex part of their business—IT infrastructure—to pay-as-you-go service providers.

“Midsized businesses have limited IT resources, and they are suffering from IT efficiency deficit,” says Anurag Agrawal, founder and chief global analyst at Techaisle, an SMB midmarket and channel IT research firm. “Our recent studies show that a midsized business has an average of 12.7 IT staffers, which is 1/20th of what you find in an enterprise. Eighty-three percent of midsized firms expect IT staff to deliver more with less, but in 79 percent of cases, they’re already overloaded with time-consuming support and maintenance tickets.”

Obviously, if IT staff is consumed with mundane tactical activities, they are hardly in a position to focus on more strategic matters, such as helping their growing businesses keep pace with the rate of technological disruption, which could make or break a company.

This is where IT consumption (or as-a-service) models come into play. With this approach, midsize companies get access to a well-managed hybrid cloud environment—from on-premises to the cloud and the edge—enabling them to hold their own and be competitive with the capabilities of much larger enterprise organizations. It also allows IT departments to scale up or down at a moment’s notice and gain access to on-premises and cloud expertise, something that’s often hard to find in today's competitive job market.

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