How Atos uses Pluralsight to drive a culture change for employee skills learning

The IT and consulting firm has been using Pluralsight's platform to upskill and reskill internal employees


Atos is driving an internal cultural change around the upskilling and reskilling of its employees, all built around the online learning platform Pluralsight.

The French IT and consulting giant began using Pluralsight about eight years ago as a training platform to make technology courses accessible to its employees.

“For us, Pluralsight is a tool, but also a way to change the culture internally into a continuous learning culture,” Eltina Ouwehand, CTO and head of technology lab and innovation at Atos told Computerworld during Pluralsight Live in Utah this week.

This means employees are given the opportunity to learn new skills while on the job, with the aim of enhancing the customer service experience it can deliver to clients.

“Technology is evolving, it’s going to grow so fast with so many new tools, new insights and new methodologies, so you have to stay ahead of the customers,” Ouwehand added.

Pluralsight has enabled Atos to shift beyond traditional classroom-style training to a more flexible online method, which helps the company keep up to speed with technology change and allow employees to learn anywhere at any time.

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How it works

“They [employees] use it as a kind of search engine to look for a framework or a methodology,” Ouwehand said. “They look for the tutorial and then just copy it and use it directly in their assignments at customer service, so this is why we call it just-in-time learning.”

But why did Atos choose Pluralsight as its training platform?

“There are many other tools out there, but I’ve seen the growth and steep curve of learning with Pluralsight itself as a platform. I’ve been in the customer advisory board group for a few years, and what’s very appealing to me is that they really put a listening ear to their customers,” Ouwehand said.

This makes it easier for Atos to upskill and reskill employees at all levels.

“We give them the tools, coaching and all they need. If something is not available then we arrange it through Pluralsight," she said.

Ouwehand talks about employees being the "captain of your career", with Pluralsight a key pillar to allow them to learn underserved cloud or data engineering skills, for example, which aren't as easily accessible at graduate level.

Use case

Atos works with a wide range of UK companies, including the BBC, which is in the middle of a hybrid/multicloud strategy.

“BBC is a very innovative company. The way they are you would only think of broadcasting but they are doing so much more than that,”Ouwehand said. “This is even in healthcare and helping people with disabilities and those kinds of things in their environment.”

By having multiple cloud skills in-house, Atos is able to ensure that it can meet the demands of the BBC and its other customers from any of the major cloud providers.

“We have a responsibility to our employees and to society, so we are not just a shareholders company but a stakeholders company,” Ouwehand added. “It’s our own responsibility to lead our employees in a happy life and good way of working in the future."

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